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Wind resistance of level 7 is included.
Flight accuracy can be improved by using GPS positioning mode during the flight.
The distance between two 5G wifi fpv networks can be up to 2000 meters.
Keep up with me: The plane will maintain a fixed position over the phone and will move in the same direction as the operator..
The plane will fly in circles as a result of the orbital motion, which will provide a cooler shooting viewpoint.
In order to use gesture recognition for photography, you must be within 1-3 meters of the aircraft and make a gesture at the camera.
In waypoint flight mode, all you have to do is sketch a route on the screen and the helicopter will follow it.
With the auto-return function enabled. When the aircraft loses contact with the controller,
the aircraft will return to thetakeoff location using the GPS trajectory as a navigation aid.
The flight time is up to 28 minutes when using a 11.4V 2850mAh battery.
In headless mode, there is no need to modify the aircraft's position before take-off.
With the one-click back option, you may effortlessly get back on track.
Takeoff and landing are accomplished with a single click. With a single button press,
the drone will take off or return to the take-off position autonomously, saving you time and effort.
Overcurrent prevention is included with low power protection.
You can fly up, down, forward, backward, left, and right using the six channels available.
A six-axis gyroscope provides more stable flight and easier control than previous models.

Drone pricing:
288.50 for one drone
278.50 each for two drones
268.50 each for three or more drones

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FPV Image transmission with 5G WiFi at a distance of 2000m
6K wide-angle adjustable camera with two-axis mechanical stabilization and 120 degrees of rotation. 6CH is the channel number for the ESC camera.
Lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 11.4V and a capacity of 2850mAh (included)
Battery for the transmitter is a rechargeable lithium battery.
Flight duration is 28 minutes.
Time required for charging: approximately 4 hours
Distance between the remote control and the device: around 2000m
The color is black.
The field of view is 110 degrees broad.
Dimensions of a quadrilateral:
Product folding dimensions (in centimeters): 17x11.5x6.7cm
Product development dimensions (in centimeters): 26x26x6.7cm

Jeff George