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Dnipropetrovs'k - Ukraine
08-10 OCTOBER, 2008
WARNING: deadline for registration - 17 September 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

          We invite you to participate in the International Business Forum and branch Trade Mission ENGINEERING - METALLURGY - MOULDING - UKRAINE 2008 in Dnipropetrovs'k (the industrial capital of Ukraine) which take place on the 8th-10th of October, 2008.

          Participation at the event will create you new business opportunities and will allow you to open up the wide and dynamic Ukrainian market for yourselves, establish new business contacts,  find Ukrainian business partners for collaboration, also interested in export to Ukraine or import from Ukraine.

          International Business Forum ENGINEERING - METALLURGY - MOULDING - UKRAINE 2008 is a branch match-making event dedicated to active businesses, ready for development and international cooperation. The aim of the Forum is to allow decision-makers to create and initiate discussions leading to the development of trade, production, financial, strategic or technological partnerships or alliances with Ukrainian companies.
          In past regular  Inernational Business Forums organized by us about 15 - 50 foreign companies and about 4680 Ukrainian and foreign specialists in the branch took part.

Venue:Expocenter METEOR (Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine).09 OCTOBER 2008, 10:00-17:00
General subjects of the Business Forum:MACHINE-BUILDINGHeavy engineeringInstrument-makingMachine mechanismsPower engineeringTechnological equipment
METAL-WORKINGTechnologies, machines and tools for metal workingMetal-cutting machines and instrumentSurface treatmentPainting equipmentEquipment for thermal and chemicothermal treatment of metalware.
ELECTRICAL PRODUCTSElectrical engineeringCable and conductor produceEnergy-saving technologiesIndustrial automatic equipment and electronicsControl and metering equipment 


INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTPneumatic, compression and ventilation equipmentHydraulic equipment, pumping installationsPower units (industrial electric motors, driving gears, reducing gears and generators)Gas-flame and welding equipmentHandling machineryIndustrial equipment component parts, bearingsStop valvesTechnologies for equipment repair, reconstruction and modernizationReconstruction and repair of the technological equipment and details, production re-equipmentSale of used equipment of domestic and foreign manufactureModern protection technologies against environmental influenceRepair and reconstruction of handling machinery.
METALLURGYExtraction, enrichment and processing of raw material for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;Technologies and the equipment for the enterprises of metallurgical complex;Finished products: production and trade;Rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, sheets, profiles, tubes, wires, electrodes, and wire products;Metal production for machine-building;Powdered metallurgy;Scientific researches and development. High technologies and new materials in metallurgy;Controlling and measuring devices in mining and smelting complex;Automation for mining and smelting complex;Service and repairing for mining and smelting complex;Ecological aspects in metallurgy. 
MOULDING Equipment for moulding manufacture: kneading-and-mixing machinery, forming, core, smelting, filling, cleaning, thermal, ancillary, for special methods of moulding, for processing of scrap-iron, component parts, tools;Materials for moulding manufacture: modeling mixtures, fluxes, coverings, castings, ancillary, furnace-charge, modifiers, ferroalloys, graphite, coke;Rigging up: pattern set, press-forms, crystallizing pans;Finished products, foundries;Art castings, forging;Software and modeling of moulding processes;Controlling and measuring devices in moulding manufacture;Service and repairing of moulding equipment;High technologies innovations in moulding manufacture;Investments, leasing, crediting.
The Business Forum is organized by the International Consulting Group LOKIS with support of Ukrainian professional and branch Assotiations.Contacts with companies from your country are the responsibility of the company ICG LOKIS, a full member of group Lokis.

Principles of Business Forum organization and features:After we receive completed Applications for Participation, we launch Business Forum's advertising campaign in Ukraine.Acting on the information gained from your completed Application for Participation (with the detailed description of your company's activity and offer) and the receipt of your payment we select Ukrainian companies interested in co-operation with your company.
Ukrainian companies are specially selected for your company and invited to your own table-stand at the Forum, therefore you are not dependent on other Participants, their offers, product lines, etc.We invite to our International Trade Missions not only participants from [%%FCountry%%], but also from other European countries, therefore you will always have new additional International contacts.Please, take attention the fact, that Business Forum is not an exhibition or trade show. We organise business meetings between foreign and Ukrainian traders and manufacturers in order to improve your Int'l business possibilities. Taking part at the Forum, you will have business contacts with local traders, distributors, subcontractors, manufacturers organising your sales to the Ukrainian market, as well as import from Ukraine or industrial co-operation.
REFERENCES of participants in previous Business Forums:In the events that we organized last year over 200 foreign companies participated who were satisfied that they had the opportunity to meet with Ukrainian companies and develop cooperation. Some foreign companies had already participated many times in Economic Missions that we had organized.Please click the References button on the upper menu of our web site to acquaint yourself with the opinion of our Customers.The internet address or reference list we will send on request.
GUARANTEE of a successful trip:
On average 10-20 and often over 20 specially chosen and invited Ukrainian companies will come in turn to the table of one company - participant of the Forum. The list of invited Ukrainian companies is presented at the preparatory meeting on the first day before the meetings start.
However, if the situation exists that several days before the trip we have less than five Ukrainian companies registered for your table, then you are informed of such and you have vested the possibility to resign from the trip and also a complete refund of the payment made.

A prompt decision about your participation in the Forum and your completed Application for Participation will enable us to select the best partners for your company.

We kindly invite you to participate in our Business Forum as well as to further co-operation.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Kabaliuk

a member of International Consulting Group LOKIS
Dworcowa 45/173, 10-435 OLSZTYN, Poland
Phone: +48 694 337 007
Fax: +48 89 53417 34
E-mail: metal2008ua at interia.pl

group-lokis com


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