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Th, showing that the conditions in the three years must have been very
uniform. There are remains of five dormant buds at its base. There are
seven side branches. As the main axis is three years old, so these
lateral shoots are two years old; they are the same age as the axis No.
2. The lower one (_s_) grew less than an inch in 1919, and made a
fruit-bud; in 1920 it blossomed and one fruit set as is shown by the
square scar at the end; as the scar is small and the twig weak, we are
safe in assuming that the apple was very small or else did not mature. A
bud formed at the side of _s_ to continue the growth of the spur next
year (1921), but it is a leaf-bud; apparently there was not sufficient
energy to bear flowers and to make a fruit-bud; so there would have been
no more fruit on this spur earlier than 1922: thus do we see that the
alternate bearing of the apple-tree may have some of its origin in the
fruit-spur. The side spur _f_ produced a terminal blossom-bud in 1919.
In 1920 six flowers opened,--I could count the scars. One of the flowers
produced a fruit, as I tell by the square scar at the end; the thickened
stem also indicates fruit-bearing. The side bud in this case is a
fruit-bud, but it is small and weak and is probably incapable of
producing a fruit. There are no strong leaf-buds to take up the work,
and this spur (_f_) would probably soon have died, as also would spur
_s_. The side shoot _g_ grew to _h_ in 1919 and made a flower-bud. In
1920 this bud gave blossoms and one fruit resulted; the scar is
prominent and there is an enlargement of the ti
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