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Some comments about the recent post on the Zionist and obsessively anti-Arab, anti-Islam, The
Journal ( http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/3716 ). In case the reader wants to see what is real,
hate directed at an identifiable group and religion, I would advise him or her to spend some time on the
The Brussels Journal Web site; after seeing so much excrement, however, the reader will probably feel
urge to take a long shower.

'''The comedian and professional anti-Semite Dieudonne MíBala MíBala (left), who is currently
performing at the Zenith Theatre in Paris, invited onto the stage to join him one Robert Faurisson, noted
French Holocaust denier. This happened while Jean-Marie Le Pen was in the audience.'''

If Dieudonne is a ''professional anti-Semite'' then youíre a professional anti-Arabist, Tiberge. You see,
several can play that game. Robert Faurisson is not a ''Holocaust denier'' (typical stupid name-calling in
the Zionist-controlled media); rather, heís a revisionist (see the Faurisson archive in French here and
English here )

(As Robert Faurisson said: ''A reminder: Revisionists do not deny the genocide and the gas chambers.
That is a misconception. Galileo didnít deny that the earth was stationary; he affirmed, at the conclusion
his research, that the earth was not stationary, but that it rotated on its axis and revolved around the sun.
the same way, the revisionists, after concluding their own research, affirm that there was no genocide and
no gas chambers, and that the ''final solution of the Jewish question'' consisted of the removal of the
from Europe ó by emigration if possible, and by deportation if necessary.

The revisionists strive to establish what happend; they are positive, while the exterminationists doggedly
continue to tell us about things which didnít happen: their work is negative.

The revisionists stand for the reconciliation of the antagonists in the recognition of what really happened.

''If this doesnít bring the Front National to an end, nothing will. I would almost venture to guess that Le Pen
is doing this deliberately to sink his party so that no one, not even his daughter Marine, will ever take the
reins of what he must consider his own private possession.''

Here, the author (inadvertently?) gives a lot of power to French Jewry if merely being in the audience
Robert Faurisson came on stage is enough ''to sink'' Jean-Marie Le Penís party. If this is not guilt by
association in its most totalitarian form I donít know what is. Itís like saying that because one was in the
audience while Fidel Castro was given a medal that one must be a communist sympathizer. To my
knowledge, Jean-Marie Le Pen has never commented on Robert Faurisson or his revisionist work.

'' Such an event must be regarded in several different ways, simultaneously. First, Dieudonne derives
intense pleasure from throwing the sh.. on the fan. He has learned that Jew-hatred is a thriving industry,
he attracts a public who calls him their hero, that he opens old wounds, and that, through the ruse of
claiming he has been denied his right of freedom of speech, he wins support among people who are
opposed to Franceís laws against Holocaust denial.''

What chuzpah! Itís the Arab and Muslim communities that are the victims of constant harassment and
discrimination. The Brussels Journal proves it on a daily basis that Arab and Muslim hatred is ''a thriving
industry'' in France (and Belgium). Letís compare the amount of hatred the Arab and Muslim communities
face in France to that allegedly faced by the government-protected French Jewry and its plethora of
institutions, movements, groups, lobbies, leagues, organizations, etc., etc., etc. And its direct access to
highest spheres of French government and virtually total domination of French media and the
entertainment industry. Hell, one of their fellow members of the Tribe is the French president! Arabs and
Muslims can only dream of having this much power and influence! Further, is the author saying that the
Jews didnít lobby to obtain this special law to protect the so-called Holocaust from free inquiry and
independent research and doubt? That theyíre somehow the real victims of such a law? The poor
dears... theyíre the ones going to jail and/or paying hefty fines....I forgot.... Thereís no free speech insofar
as the
Holocaust is concerned. Whereís the ''ruse'', Tiberge, you lying sack of shit! Additionally, violent Jewish
organization operate with total impunity in France and elsewhere in the Jew-controlled West (see here
here), while Muslims are under constant scrutiny.

''The trouble is: these laws are very much part of the problem. You cannot privilege one group by
mandating that it is a crime punishable by fines and prison terms to deny the evil that was done to them.''

Stop your crocodile tears, Tiberge! you donít have a problem with the Gayssot-Fabius statute (see here),
what bothers you is that other minorities, taking their cues from French Jewry, also seek to legally protect
their version of history and status as victims from prying eyes!

''Such laws are no different from affirmative action laws, and laws against all forms of discrimination such
as those passed by the European Union. They create precisely the opposite of what they are supposed
do, i.e., they create hatred of the privileged party, they throw together into the same pot various social
problems, ideas, and historical facts that should be kept separate and treated differently, because they
are different. For example, anti-Semitism and hostility towards massive immigration not the same thing.
They are not the same hostility. But the great equalizing machine that is Sarkozyís government must
ALL hostilities seem equally bad, because he is unable to make distinctions between them. To do so
would be to admit that the huge population of people who are not white, Christian and European are not
necessarily all equal. He must prove that they are, in fact, all equally, victims of the evil white Christian

Second, by having Le Pen in the audience, it is the ENTIRE patriotic movement, the entire effort to save
France that is discredited. Le Pen is not discredited -- he DOESNT CARE!!! There is no need to concern
ourselves with HIS image, but rather with the image and ultimate fate of the movement of which he claims
be a part, but of which he is not (and apparently never has been) anything but an impostor.''

RightÖJean-Marie Le Pen lost an eye and almost his life (for example, the building where his Parisian
apartment was located was bombed here. The perpetrators have never been brought to justice in
Prior to that event, and following it, heís been the victim of countless death threats and physical assaults)
defending the ethnic genetic interests of autocthonous French men and women. His entire adult life has
been but a long struggle against the immigration-invasion of France. A struggle that has cost him
dearly but ''he DOESNíT CARE'' according to Tiberge. Who are you, Tiberge, you keyboard warrior?
Youíre unfit to shine his shoes. What have you done in comparison aside from fellating French Jews and
calumniating the Arab world? And you dare to call Jean-Marie Le Pen an ''impostor''? Fuck you, Tiberge!

''Third, this gives racist-hunters like Nicolas Sarkozy grist for their mill. Dedicated as he is to ridding
French soil of all racism, he and his ministers will point to Dieudonneís provocation as a shameful,
inadmissible, unacceptable, act of racism that has no place in France. This will serve his purpose very
and will furnish him with an infallible pretext for sending HALDE or MRAP or whatever anti-racist
organizations he chooses to track down every measly Holocaust denier he can ferret out.''

Cry me a river, Tiberge, you lying hypocrite! You mention HALDE and MRAP (you could mention many
more such organizations with a thoroughly kosher background), who founded these anti-French
organizations? Who funds them today? A hint: it wasnít, and it isnít, Arabs. Itís precisely those Jewish front
institutions (the French equivalent of SPLC and ADL) who maintain the immigrationist status quo in France
by threatening the income and social status of dissident whites and their organizations.

'' The media will have a field day pointing to the evils of the ''extreme Right'', due to Le Penís presence,
even though, according to the French blogger Francois Desouche anyway, Faurisson is a left-winger.
(Note: The websites regard Faurisson as a right-winger. According to Wikipedia, he claims to be

What Tiberge doesnít seem to understand is that Robert Faurisson doensít have a political agenda and
no discernable politics. Heís a fearless idealist and truth-seeker, no matter the personal and
consequences; and thatís something opportunists and paid calumniators like Tiberge can never
comprehend as they arenít made of the same ''material.'' This is a man who has made, and continues to
make, tremendous personal sacrifices in the quaint pursuit of historical truth.

''The Jews of France will probably not understand the complexities of this situation, choosing to see only
the anti-Semitism of the ''extreme Right'', blind to the insidious way their history is being manipulated and
exploited for the purpose of intimidating, terrorizing, and mongrelizing the French people. Blind, too, to the
dangers they will confront if they donít rethink their own instinctual reaction of identifying more closely with
non-assimilable immigrants than with French patriots, of preferring to side with the Left or with Sarkoís
Right than with authentic nationalists and traditionalists. This is a problem they have, but they are
not alone; and when one sees the ways in which the waters are muddied by celebrity policy-makers
as Dieudonne, and public opinion formed by relentless government propaganda, not to mention the
inferior education being offered today, it is not surprising that things have reached this level of

Tiberge, like her cowardly and lying ilk, prefers to attack the symptoms rather the causes. Hey, Tiberge,
tell us who maniacally pressured for decades the French government in favor of open borders, greater
immigration, and multiculturalism/multiracialism, until Arabs and Africans started burning their
Was it Saudi Arabia? Was it Iran? Was it Arabs or another group of Semites? Tell us, Tiberge! Who?




What the lobby did for Europe, it also did for America (see here). Nothing new under the sun.

The Jewish hostility towards western civilization is well-known and documented.


''This incident itself hopefully will pass quickly into oblivion, its principal actors as well, but the processes
described above will go on, until France gets a worthy leader, which will not be, as far as anyone can tell,
the near future.''

Hopefully not. To the chagrin of the lying paid Zionist whore, the odds are that the event only signals an
increase in the scale of the slave revolt.

''Francois Desouche had to close comments for the post because of the legal considerations I alluded
Some of his readers must have defended Dieudonn?ís right to express himself freely about the
However to post such comments places Desouche in a vulnerable position where his website could be
shut down for violating French laws. This is what I mean when I say these laws are not doing anybody,
except the ''thought police'', any good.''

Intellectual terror at its worse. Whoís responsible for this thought police, Tiberge?

''The post includes a video of Dieudonne on stage. French readers may have an easier time than I did
understanding it. There are various versions of the video all over the French blogosphere. This one is
more audible and shows the arrival of Faurisson on the stage as Dieudonn? energetically encourages
audience to applaud. An aura of weird ritual emanates from the entire scene as this old man justifies
himself to an audience of primarily young people, most of whom (one assumes) have no idea who he is.
Itís all very creepy.''

So Tibergeís worthless drivel concerns a video sheís unable to understand. You can rest assured,
Tiberge, that everyone in the audience knew who Robert Faurisson was. They didnít need any
encouragement to applaud a brave freedom fighter when they saw one in front of them.

As an aside, and before pronouncing judgment on Robert Faurisson, tell us , Tiberge, which of his
revisionist writings have you read.I thought so


The Brussels Journal is part of the false opposition to the Westís predicament.

Lawrence Auster,
1300 Wilson Blvd, Ste 120
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