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    Type: Seasonal/ Part time job offer
    Location: Must reside in the EU to be considered
    Salary: 2000 EUR per month
    Start date: N/A
    We are an international Consulting Company working hard on providing a comprehensive business support to our clients
    since 1992. As one of the biggest consulting companies in the world, we manage everything from business support
    and developing programs on risks reduction and worldwide tax planning operations through to marketing representation,
    offshore and government and corporate services. 
    Our clients are mainly small to medium sized businesses and we aim to assist them in their business decisions.
    We are now looking for Representatives interested in a partnership and long term cooperation to represent us.
    We are looking for Regional Representatives from all European countries.
    If you are an independent and self-starter whose unlimited potential has yet to be realized,
    this could be the opportunity of your lifetime. Currently we have an opening for decent candidates to promote
    and advertise our products and services. Fully paid training is provided.
    The successful candidate will be a poised, strong minded person who is capable of expanding our customer base
    and who will enjoy the challenges associated with delivering the best in class customer service and support to hundreds of local businesses.
    Our Regional Representative’s compensation is mainly commission based.
    Nevertheless, we can guarantee that you will make no less than 1000 EUR per month working part time.

- Ignored:
    This position is for you if:
    You have 2 to 3 years’ experience in a customer service role
    You like to work hard, work smart and remain independent
    You’d like the freedom of an independent contractor
    You’d like to increase your income every year
    Please send us your resume and our HR specialist will be in touch with you within 3-5 business days
    to conduct a prior interview and to provide detailed explanation regarding this job offer.
    our contact: job at 4eurjobs.com,Thank You!

- Done.

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