[Peerpress-xml] Looking for a nice guy, not a hearbreaker

Elena sslaby at uicalumni.org
Tue Nov 6 22:10:01 CET 2012

Aloha, dear

Everyone is looking for something and someone in life. Someone finds and
starts to look for someone else... We have dreams, plans, goals... And we
run, rush and we worry to have enough time for everything. We are pushed,
hit, we stumble, we fall and keep running, we forget about love and close
people... And then, later, once we wake up in the morning and understand
that there is no close person near us, there is no second toothbrush in a
glass in the bathroom, there is noon to cook breakfast for... And we want
so greatly to love and care about someone.
I haven't heard your voice and haven't seen your face but I want to learn
you better... If you also want that, find me here, I will be waiting...

Do svidaniya

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