[Peerpress-xml] Do you propose to meet?

Mishchenko abdullah.kollanakam at axa-gulf.com
Sun Sep 29 22:22:30 CEST 2013

If you're a very manliness, strong-willed man, if you are solve but there is no love of your life? 
So I am glad to meet you. I want my man to be a kind, attentive and caring person. He must respect and appreciate me. 
I am a loose girl, I'm happy with my life, but I'll be happy when I find my boyfriend. 
Do not be afraid look perfect, I need a real man, but not ideal http://qwygrgkinhschs.ucoz.ua/ My motto in life "Enjoy every day and take everything from life!"Always appreciate what I have, but strive for the best! Bye

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