[Peerpress-xml] u are so nice, dear

Andrea bicepts4god at thecrew.com
Thu Mar 20 13:01:07 CET 2014

Hi there
I am unhappy and sad looking for that special someone to make me smile.
My love is so far and yet so close, he  is  many miles and so many sleepless nights away and I get lonely just thinking of the distance between us, yet in my heart my sweetheart is  just a beat away.
I will love the look in his eyes when he will tell me he loves me and how we will laugh together http://hannah.co.ua/
I dream he is  so kind and so gentle, there's no way I could ever tell him, how deep he would touch my heart, i dream to meet my sweetheart one day and to look into his eyes...
I will love my honey more that anything.
Drop me a smile and have a great day

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