[Peerpress-xml] The advice you dont want to pass

Jamie J. Diana at capsave.be
Mon Mar 18 01:12:35 CET 2019

Hello there.

Expect u don't really mind my language sentence structure, since i'm from Philippines. I contaminated your gadget with a trojan and now have your private files from your operating system.

It was established on an adult web page after which you've selected the movie and viewed it, my application immediately got into your os.

Next, your front-cam recorded you flying solo, besides i captured a movie that you have seen.

After a short while furthermore, it picked up all your device contact list. If you ever need me to wipe off your everything i have got - transmit me 2000 us in btc it's a crypto-currency. It's my wallet number : 1NtQtenQ6Qv6mjXvDtNKF5oK6qZdqaeVx4

At this point you will have 27hr s. to make a decision The minute i will get the transaction i'll eliminate this video and everything entirely. Otherwise, you should be certain that your video would be submitted to all your buddies.
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