[Tr.h.] Mailkampanje mot klimabøllen Bush

Marius Lium Vordal marius_lium_vordal at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 11:45:46 CEST 2001

Hi Everyone,

As many or all of you know, President Bush has decided
to abandon the Kyoto Protocol, the international
treaty to prevent climate change by reducing the use
of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. This
affects us all, so please add your name to the
petition below to state that you want President Bush
to reconsider his decision on the Kyoto Protocol.
Then forward this e-mail to as many people as
possible. If you are the 100th person on the list,
please forward the e-mail to:
president at whitehouse.gov<president at whitehouse.gov>.
It's best to copy the contents of this e-mail and
paste it into a new one, rather than forwarding it, to
avoid all the annoying">>>" marks.
president at whitehouse.gov><president at whitehouse.gov>

1) Christine Whitmore-Jones, Watford, UK
2) Sandra Whitmore-Jones, Portsmouth UK
3) Andrew Longley, Gosport UK
4) Ruth Telford, Leicester, UK
5) Will Jones, Nottingham, UK
6) Daisy Seller, Nottingham, UK
7) Emily Walker, Nottingham, UK
8) Juliette Findlay, London, UK
9) Catherine Willis, London UK
10) Auro Fraser, London, UK
11) Hugh Utting, Hikari, Japan
12) Sareth Dy, Shimonoseki, Japan
13) Jean-Christophe Helary, Takamatsu, Japan
14) Dean Ruetzler, Morioka, Japan(US Citizen)
15) Robin Parrish, Taiki, Japan (US Citizen)
16) Leif-Eric Easley, Los Angeles, CA (US Citizen)
17) Andreas Konert, Cologne, Germany
18) Katrin Veit, Bonn, Germany
19) Nina Mayershofer, Germany
20) Claudia Timpert,Germany
21) Klaudia Verbeek, Germany
22) Sam Deckmyn, Belgium
23) Klaartje Smeets
24) Klaas Herten, Belgium
25) Martine van Cutsem, Belgium
26) Johannes Maes, Belgium
27) Mieke Hoing, Belgium
28) Els Ansar, Belgium
29) Marc Coremans, Belgium
30) Janet Scott, UK
31) Didier Verloo, Belgium
32) Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen, Denmark
33) Thomas Hansen, Denmark
34) Preben Storm Schmidt, Denmark
35) Anja Knoblauch, Denmark
36) Inge-Lise Paulsen, Denmark
37) Uffe Paulsen, Denmark
38) Helle Jensen, Denmark
39) Trine Bech, Denmark
40) Per Andersen, Denmark
40) Thomas Sofienberg, Denmark
41) Jan v. Köller, Denmark
42) Stig Jørgensen, Denmark
43) Kasper Lincke, Denmark
44] Tobias Zorde, Denmark
45) Mette Fog Olwig, Denmark
46) Ingvild Vatten, Norway
47) Marius Lium Vordal, Norway
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