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To all our friends and young people interested in sustainability and community, 

We would like to share with you this invitation. We will participate with a couple of workshops at this conference and there are many interesting workshops and activities going on. So if you are young or know someone young who are willing to explore other ways of life, thinking and being, maybe this is the right place to be this summer.

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My name is Natalia, i'm a participant of the Youth Initiative Program
(YIP) in Sweden.
This summer we are organizing an initiative conference "360º Exploring
Community". The conference will take place in Sweden, in Ytterjärna,
from the 11th until the 17th of july.
Ytterjärna is a small community on the Swedish countryside known for
its initiatives in sustainability, agriculture, education and culture.
Located south of Stockholm, Järna is a home to numerous projects,
businesses and organizations working in these fields.
There are schools working with new, creative ways of education,
initiatives in social banking, numerous projects in cultural centers,
organic and biodynamic agriculture, and many organizations working
with comprehensive sustainable development.
All of these initiatives can be a great source of inspiration for the
participants as well as a living example of a local community. In this
way, Järna gives us the possibility not only to look at community on a
global scale but also to relate to it on a local level.
We have the realization that we are living on one planet.
We encourage participants to travel "green" and find their way to the
360º Conference (or back) in any low-impact way they can think of.
They can hike, bike, rail or sail; or why not hitch-hike? If they
can't avoid taking a train or a car, they should let us know what
they've done to compensate carbon-footprint.
Since we are living in-between biodynamic farms and organic products,
all food is grown and sponsored by local farms.

For more information about the conference, please visit
For more information about the International Youth Initiative Program,
go to www.YIP.se

Kind regards,
Claudio Madaune
ecoaldeasnsa at ecovillage.org
claudio at world-changers.org

Mobil: (47) 48242556 (Claudio)
Mobil: (47) 93055828 (Mauricio)
Tel: (47) 35042466

Pb. 3401 Bjølsen, 
0406 Oslo

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