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Ick things up quickly." Nils had not meant to antagonize his brother,
and he did not know now why he was doing it. "Of course," he went on, "I
shouldn't expect to make a big success, as you fellows have done. But
then, I'm not ambitious. I won't want much. A little land, and some
cattle, maybe." Olaf still stared at the ground, his head down. He
wanted to ask Nils what he had been doing all these years, that he
didn't have a business somewhere he couldn't afford to leave; why he
hadn't more pride than to come back with only a little sole-leather
trunk to show for himself, and to present himself as the only failure in
the family. He did not ask one of these questions, but he made them all
felt distinctly. "Humph!" Nils thought. "No wonder the man never talks,
when he can butt his ideas into you like that without ever saying a
word. I suppose he uses that kind of smokeless powder on his wife all
the time. But I guess she has her innings." He chuckled, and Olaf looked
up. "Never mind me, Olaf. I laugh without knowing why, like little Eric.
He's another cheerful dog." "Eric," said Olaf slowly, "is a spoiled kid.
He's just let his mother's best cow go dry because he don't milk her
right. I was hopi
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