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E that just dribbled the ball a few yards. Kittiwynk knew that stroke
of old, and followed as a cat follows a mouse. While the

of the Archangels was wrenching his pony round, Hughes struck with all
his strength, and next instant Kittiwynk was away, Corks following
close behind her, their little feet
pattering like raindrops on glass. "Pull out to the left," said
between her teeth; "it's coming your way, Corks!" The back and
half-back of the Archangels were tearing down
on her just as she was within reach of the ball. Hughes leaned forward
with a loose rein,
and cut it away to the left almost under Kittiwynk's foot, and it
and skipped off to Corks, who saw that,
if he was not
quick it would run beyond the boundaries. That long bouncing drive gave
the Archangels time to wheel and send three men across the

ground to head off Corks. Kittiwynk stayed where she was; for she knew
the game. Corks was on the ball half a fraction of a second
before the others came up, and Macnamara, with a backhanded stroke,
sent it back across the ground to Hughes,
who saw the way clear to the Archangels' goal, and smacked the ball in
before any one quite knew what had hap
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