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Y Germany, and that the British fleet might be broken and an enemy's
might transfix England. Such an overthrow would be of enormous import
to Europe and to the whole world. The trident would have changed hands,
for the defeat of England could only be brought
about by the destruction of her sea supremacy. Unless help came from
without, a blockaded Britain would be more at the mercy of the victor
than France was after Sedan and Paris. It would lie with the victor to
see that the conditions of peace he imposed were such as, while
ensuring to him the objects for which he had fought, would be the least
likely conditions to
provoke external intervention or a combination of alarmed

world interests. Now, putting aside lesser consideration, the chief end
Germany would
have in a war with England would be to ensure her
own free future on
the seas. For with that assured and guaranteed by a victory over
England, all else that she seeks must in the end be hers. To annex
British colonies would be in itself an impossible
task--physically a much more impossible task than to annex Ireland. To
annex Ireland would

be, as a military measure, once command

of the seas was gained, a comparatively easy task. No practical
resistance to one German army corps even could be offered by any force
Ireland contains, or could of herself, put into the field. No arsenal
or means of manufacturing arms exists. The population has been disarmed
for a century,
and by bitter experience has been driven to regard the use of arms as a
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