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Queen Isabella she agreed to all that he asked. If he found Cathay,
Columbus was to be made admiral for life of all the new seas and
oceans into which he might sail; he was to be chief ruler of all the
lands he might find; he was to keep one tenth part of all the gold and
jewels and treasures he should bring away, and was to have his "say"
in all questions about the new lands. For his part (and this was
because of the offer of his friend at Palos, Captain

Pinzon) he agreed to pay one eighth of all the expenses of this
expedition and of all new enterprises, and was to have one eighth of
all the profits from them. So Columbus had his wish at last. The
queen's men figured up
how much money they could let him have; they called him "Don
Columbus," "Your Excellency," and "Admiral," and at once he set about
getting ready for his voyage. 416 Most children who read public
library books know something about the work
of Horace E. Scudder (1838-1902). For eight years he was editor of the
_Atlantic Monthly_, but he is more widely known as a writer and
compiler of books for children.

The entertaining
and informing _Bodley Books_ were widely read by a former
generation and are still decidedly worth reading. Perhaps his most
popular work is _The Children's Book_, a collection of
literature suitable for the
first four grades.
Pupils in the third,
fourth, and fifth grades read with pleasure _The Book of Fables_,

_The Book of Folk Stories_, _Fables and Folk Stories_,
and _The Book of Legends_. Mr. Scudder was the leading advocate of
introducing literature into the schools at a time when such advocacy
was uphill work, and he edited a great number of literary classics for
school use. He wrote a number of historical and biographical works of
value. _George Washingto
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