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E he nervously

showed me every point that could bear upon the
subject, and ended by exclaiming, that he was ruined, and all for a
stone he had never seen. I sat quietly for a few moments. It stood,
thus:--G. had given the thing to the solicitor, seen it put into the
box, seen the box put into the desk; but while the confidential clerk,
Ulster, locked the desk, the solicitor

saw the Marquis to the door,--returning,
took the box, without opening it again, to the jeweller, who, in the
hurry, shut it up in his safe, also without opening
it. The case was perfectly clear. These mysterious things are always
so simple! You know now, as well as I, who took the diamond. I did not
choose to volunteer, but assented, on being desired. The police and

I were old friends; they had so of
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