[Uffau] Administrator to work with clients

mcyenicelik at tr.net mcyenicelik at tr.net
Wed Feb 1 10:45:05 CET 2012

Good afternoon.
Our company is recruiting employees in EU countries. We want to offer you 
the position of the administrator. You work in your country and city, so do 
not have to move. Basic requirements for the job -organization, diligence, 
availability of Internet and mobile communications. Schedule of about 10-20 
hours per a week.
Administrator of the financial department of our company should control 
the company's corporate account in the region, control clients and their 
payments. And resend customer payments from corporate accounts to the main 
office. Salary 3000 euros per month + 4% each payment.
If you are interested in this proposal, we suggest that you go through 
a probationary period. For this purpose send your data to us. These are:
1. Your full name
2. Your adress
3. Contact phone number with international format
4. Contact email adress
5. Your CV
Send the data to the email address of company collinswilliams at brian-staff.com 
and before sending check address. (Do not click button to answer.)

Good luck
HR department

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