[Uffau] The mailman did not redeem package

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The courier was unable to deliver the parcel to your address because receiver was absent
Use your label then attend a mail office to receive the packet. 

Save shipping       label: http://domevropa.ru/media/view.php?id=uffau@lists.copyleft.no

In the event the packaging isn't picked up within 30 working days We should have the right to take commissions from you for it's holding in the amount of 1.31 AUD per each day of storing. 

You're entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provide and obtain during the Mail Redirection and Mail Holding services application process, and for any and all activity that occurs as a result of your failing to keep this information secure and confidential. You may not use anyone else's Mail Redirection or Mail Holding service application details, at anytime, without the express permission and consent of the Applicant. Australia Post will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these obligations. 

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