[Loom-auto] An enquiry about original guest posts for your blog

Martina martina at proatprose.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 12:44:01 CEST 2012

To the good folks behind lists.copyleft.no


I came across your blog looking for writing opportunities and noticed that
you've published guest posts in the past.  I'm currently working with a
client in the vehicle and automotive/engineering industry and am keen to
increase their visibility online by posting for high quality blogs such as

I'm particularly interested in writing about car models, designs and
concepts and things related to that nature, but am also open to hearing any
ideas you might have that you think would suit better.  I had a couple of
post titles in mind:

The 10 most under-rated vehicles in the world

Things you didn't know about British engineering 


Any content provided is unique (so will not be elsewhere on the internet or
copied) and is written to a high quality.  A couple of similar guest posts
I've had published in the past include:


A guest post for a photography blog
A guest post for a book blog
A guest post for an art
tiful-pieces.html> & culture blog


If you don't take content of this nature, I completely understand, but I'm
confident that we can provide a post which could be of interest to your

Please let me know if this sounds of interest and I'll start putting a piece
together, or perhaps you could drop me an email if you have any questions or


I look forward to your response,



Martina Simon




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