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Craig Murray craig at craigmurray.co.uk
Fri Jan 6 12:42:57 CET 2012



I wanted to drop you a quick email regarding your site at lists.copyleft.no
and ask whether you would be interested in publishing an infographic guest
post for me? 


I'm sure you receive several similar requests each week, so I wanted to
quickly point out what I'm proposing and why I think this would be of value
to you:


.         We'll provide you with an exclusive infographic created by us.
Rather than simply sending you a text based article, we do all of the
research and arrange for one of our designers to create an infographic
solely for use on your site. If you're not sure what this is you can see an
example of an infographic here -

.         We'll help promote the infographic on your site- using our social
media accounts we'll guarantee a minimum of 200 visits to the post on your
site (although typically more if the post spreads virally). This should help
in bringing new visitors to your site, as well as providing your existing
readers with something a little different to your normal posts whilst
remaining equally interesting.


Hopefully you'll agree the benefits on your part are great:


.         Free, relevant unique content that your existing readers will

.         100% ownership of the content we supply

.         A minimum of 200 new visits to the post


If already have some data that you would like to be made into an infographic
then please feel free to send it over and we'll see if we can work with it.


All we ask from you is that you credit our client with a link within the
post if you choose to accept and publish the work that we send through.


Please let me know if you have any questions- I'd be happy to provide more
details or send through some initial ideas.





-          Craig


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