[Loom-devel] Re: Can you set up this CVS account?

Joakim Ziegler joakim at styx.net
Wed Feb 2 22:58:33 CET 2000

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 09:26:06PM +0000, Iain wrote:
>> I noticed, it looks good so far. 

> Thanks. I just wish it would do something :)
>> That sounds good. If we're doing this right, the map (which is a structure in
>> itself that we haven't really thought about) should probably be a model in a
>> MVC architecture, so that the programmer can poke them map using some
>> function calls, and have that change reflected in the display.

> Yeah, that can come into our clean/dirty functionality. Change a single
> tile and it'll mark the thing as dirty.

Exactly. The dirtying of tiles should probably propagate an event to
listeners, (mainly the map rendering listener) so that they can re-render.

>> That's probably enough for now. I'm thinking at the very least one callback
>> pointer, "event", which can be called if something happens on that tile (a
>> unit enters, a unit leaves, a unit attacks, whatever). Perhaps we should have
>> more callbacks, but at least one is needed (we can send an event structure as
>> an argument to that callback).

> At the moment I'm not sure that we want to add events. I'm thinking that
> unit movement should maybe be abstacted to a higher level than the map
> drawing things, for at least the time being. The reasoning is, that if we
> want things to be as generic as possible, things like moving are specific
> to game types. what do you think?

You might be right. As long as we can find a generic higher-level way to tie
events to certain map tiles. It's handy to be able to place a "quicksand" tile
and then get a callback when units enter it, for instance.

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