[Loom-devel] [raph@acm.org: Re: Isometric tile engine, using the Canvas.]

Iain ih at csd.abdn.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 21:57:09 CET 2000

> Ok, we can't do this using simply a transparency mask/alpha channel?
> Otherwise, it sounds good, if a little overkill to use an actual clipping
> path.

I think it's quicker to do it with libart, and the ArtSVP would take less
memory, although as they're all going to be the same, I guess it might not
matter really.

> Ok, that might make sense. If so, we can just emulate that behaviour (a
> spreadsheet grid is remarkably similar to a tile map, anyway).

I'll take a look at the code, see if I understand any of it.


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