[Loom-devel] You made it known to us.

Hilda cires ciresduwb at lesfilmsduguerzit.ch
Sat Aug 11 11:40:08 CEST 2007

H+u,g,e N.e w+s To Im+pact C'Y,T+V 

Chin,a YouT-V C+o r_p+. 
S_ymbol: C-Y+T,V 

We h a'v+e alread_y s,e_e_n CYTV.'s mark+et impac t be'fore cl.im_bing to o v+e+r $2 .00 w_i_t*h n_e'w's+. 
Pr_ess Releas*e: 
Chi'na Yo*uTV's CnBo+o W.e,b S-i.t_e R+anks N*o ..1 on M icros'oft L.i,v e S.earch En,gine 
CnBo o Traff.ic In+cre'ases 4_9 % O+v-e.r T_w,o Month-s 

R-e-a.d t'h-e ne_ws, thi,nk ab*out t'h e imp+act, and

j+u*m p on t h,i.s f,irst thi,ng To*morr'ow m-orning'!  $0.4+2 is a g+i*f*t at t'h.i-s pric,*e..... 

Do y+o-u*r homewo r*k a n*d wat_ch t'h*i,s trad-e Mon_day mor,ning. 

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