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Keevan Everhill Everhillxnoju at kibunya-mizuho.b.to
Sat Aug 11 16:20:43 CEST 2007

H.u-g-e N+e,w.s To I_mpact C_Y T-V 

Chi.na Yo uTV C*o*r'p*. 

Symbo*l: C_Y.T*V 

We h*a'v.e alre.ady s_e.e,n CYTV-'s mark*et impac+t bef'ore climbi_ ng to o.v*e-r $2.0+0 w i.t.h n'e,w-s-. 

Pr_ess Re-lease: 

Ch+ina Y.ouTV's Cn Boo W'e,b S_i-t,e Rank+s N+o'..1 on M*.icrosoft L,i v'e Sear,ch En.gine 
CnBo-o Traf fic In.creas-es 4_9,% O*v e_r T+w.o Mo'nths 

R_e'a d t-h_e ne,ws, t*hink abo_ut t'h.e im pact, and
j_u'm p on t*h.i+s fir.st t'hing Tomorr,o+w mornin 'g!  $0.4 2 is a g_i,f+t at t+h.i_s pri-ce-..... 

Do y'o,u'r home+wo+rk a-n+d w atch t+h'i s tr*ade Monda-y m+orning. 

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