[PP-main] Technical/implementation matters

Rusty Foster rusty at intes.net
Fri Mar 3 21:03:18 CET 2000

Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> My main issues against HTTP as the standard, only, or preferred protocol are
> these:
> * Lack of state.
> * Need to send a lot of headers in every request, hence quite a bit of
>   bandwidth overhead.
> * Requires a HTTP server at the client sites if we want to do push with
>   server-initiated connections.

Ok, but they could just connect to the central (HTTP) server with a
client, and submit stuff that way. There doesn't necessarily need to be
"server push" per se.

> * Very oriented towards a "document" model.
> > I think probably the best possible answer would be, design something
> > that *will work* over HTTP. It may not be optimal, but it should be
> > functional. Then, whoever wants to design a better or more efficient
> > protocol, can have at it. :-)
> I don't see a problem with making all the info available over HTTP as well.
> It's minimal work to do this. However, we already have a more suitable
> protocol almost finished, which is optimized for this sort of thing (it's
> made for, amongst other things, Conglomerate), so we're going to make those
> tools too, and supply them to the users. Freedom to choose. :)

So we basically agree, then. 

Can you write up a summary of the protocol you recommend, and post it,
with an orientation toward why it's good for this service? Perhaps point
us to the relevant docs as well (maybe you've already done this-- I
don't remember)


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