[PP-main] working towards peer press 1.0

Nick Lothian Lothian.Nicholas at lmsol.com.au
Mon Mar 13 00:24:31 CET 2000

> just to clarify something (to myself, as well as everyone else 8^) ):
> On Sun, 12 Mar 2000 avi at itsg.net.au wrote:
> >
> >   + images, audio, video, other:
> >     - MUST be based on a free (speech AND beer) codec/format.
> >
> + these data types should have their own codecs/formats, not share the
>   same one.
> + they MUST be free (speech AND beer) (-1, redundant)
> + "based on" was bad, bad phrasing. using an existing codec/format is
>   the best way to go.
> 8^)

No - I can't say I agree with this. Sites should be free to distribute
whatever they want, and client sites should choose what they show based on
their capabilities and interests.

I can see no reason that the syndication system should care what format the
data is in. The XML description file should describe the content of the file
sufficiently to be able to choose if a client wants it or not.

I don't really want to get in to a philsophical discussion about what
freedom is, but what if someone wants to syndicate flash graphics, or even
GIF images (or MS Word files) surely we should allow that?

Am I missing something here?


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