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The F2 Golf SS Wedges (52, 56, 60, and 64) feature the revolutionary dog-leg hosel technology that makes them the most forgiving wedges in golf - They're Shankproof!

Recently I was contacted by F2 Golf - manufacturers of the very popular F2 Wedge (over 100,000 sold!).
They said, "Andy, we'd appreciate you taking a look at our new design, the new F2 wedges are really different."

That's an understatement.

They've incorporated a "dog-leg hosel" which gets the hosel out of the way of the ball…reducing drag through rough and sand, and giving you more surface area to the golf ball. You can't shank it.
But here's the coolest thing about the new F2s - When you address the golf ball and look down, it looks like a great looking, traditional wedge.

With its radical, yet beautiful club head, and maximum spin from legal grooves, the new F2 wedge is TRUE innovation in wedge design.
I believe for most golfers, this new F2 wedge might just make every other wedge in golf, obsolete.

- Andy North, 2-Time US Open Champion

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We're so convinced that you'll love all the new F2 wedges that we offer our 30 day, play-your-best-golf guarantee. If you don't play your very best golf and absolutely love your new F2 wedge, just send it for back for a full product refund.

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