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As a company we deal with advising other business and end users on reusable materials, green advancements
and nontypical forms of energy and also produce and promote projects that are web media focused.

We are seeking out a local affiliate from a nation of interest posted previously.

Our mandates:

- You must be a company owner with power of attorney or able to be a company owner soon.
- It is a big bonus in our eyes if you have a lengthy reputation of solid standing with a local bank or transcontinental one.
- You must speak English well enough to hold a conversation well.
- Citizenship status in one of our nations listed before.
- It is imperative that you are a degree recipient from a known university.
- Working amounts vary from 3 or 4 hours per day to 2 or 3 hours per day after working for us for 2 months.
- Agreement between us will last at the minimum a year, with there existing a chance of it extending onward to 2 years.

Concentration of work is mainly dealing with receivables from sales.

Royalty based pay is what we are offering, tied to amount of sales.

Our contacts: Erwin at ukinconsult.com,Thank You!

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