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Thu Nov 26 14:58:25 CET 2009

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Phillip G. Humphrey

I believe we are afraid of recognizing how fundamental our lives would have to be changed if we should choose to work out You have to take enough time to get kids deeply involved in something they can think about in lots of different ways,' 
There is something about the Procrustean bed about schools; some children are left disabled by being hacked about to fit the curriculum; some are stretched to take up the available space, others less malleable are labeled as having special educational needs.' Chris Bowring-Carr and John Burnham West 
We need to, after a decade of individualism and greed, return to values and behaviors that are respectful of each other, other cultures and our environment. School have to escape from an over emphasis on individualism and efficiency and return to valuing the democratic virtues that contribute to the common good of all people and cultures. 

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