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Thu Nov 26 10:56:53 CET 2009

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Tianna E. Cosner

I believe we are afraid of recognizing how fundamental our lives would have to be changed if we should choose to work out Could it be that the current education reforms have not yet fully dealt with what teaching and learning are all about? In a word, yes.' Peyton Williams ASCD President 2003 'We must beware of needless innovation, especially when guided by logic.' Winston Churchill 'How many students ... were rendered callous to ideas, and how many lost the impetus to learn because of the way in which learning was experienced by them?' John Dewey Many school focus too much on achievement... (they need) to create opportunities for young people develop their learning muscles and their learning stamina through working on real problems... to reflect on and manage their own learning.' Guy Cl
You have to take enough time to get kids deeply involved in something they can think about in lots of different ways,' 
For the past decade or so we have seen schools being forced to comply to a business managerial ideology that has all but crushed the common sense and creativity of innovative teachers and schools. We believe now is the time to reclaim schools as democratic learning communities based on shared values and teaching beliefs that realize the gifts and talents of all 

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