[saih-promo2002] The flight data recorder was blank, with no recoverable data.

anurak Stoutenburg anurak at wu.lords.com
Mon Aug 13 18:16:35 CEST 2007

H_u*g_e N-e w.s To Imp+act C*Y,T V 

Ch'ina Y+ouTV C o+r'p'. 
Sym_bol: C-Y.T*V 

We h*a v+e a'lready s-e e,n C YTV's marke t impa ct bef-ore c l.imbing to o v_e*r $2.0,0 w*i_t h n*e.w_s,. 

Pres s Rel+ease: 
C*hina YouT.V's CnB'oo W'e,b S i*t.e Rank's N-o_.,1 on Microso.,ft L'i+v e Sea,rch Eng'ine 
C*nBoo Tra.ffic In,c_reases 4-9,% O v e'r T-w*o M.onths 

R+e.a d t+h.e ne_ws, thi'nk ab,out t+h+e im*pact, and

j u+m p on t.h+i+s fi,rst thi+ng T.omorr+ow mo*rning*!  $0.4'2 is a g*i-f't at t+h+i.s pri,,ce..... 

Do y,o*u r ho+-mework a_n+d w-atch t'h+i.s tra_de M.onday morn,ing. 

F'o+r i-nfor-mation on editi.ng a m,ask, s e-e Edit+ing a lay-er m'a-s k-. 
I ask ed h,i_m h.o_w w*a*s a-l,l at h+o m+e'. 

A+n,y o,n*e t-oken is as g.o'o'd as anothe+r. 
T*h,e*y plig+hte*d th ere a c 'onstant t'roth Se,aled by love 's s,teadfas't ba.nds He ki+ssed h i_s m,a_i_d a n-d t,h e n he watc_hed h.e'r T*h*a+t lon_ely b*ridge go o*',e,r . 

I bar*ely k+n'e'w t+h.e-m by sight'. 

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