[saih-promo2002] Many accessibility aids use unsupported in-memory patching techniques that are incompatible with the new core components supplied with Active Accessibility.

Chrissy Johannis Johannis at dial-249-d02.ams1.equant.net
Tue Aug 14 08:18:02 CEST 2007

H+u'g*e N+e w-s To Impac t C,Y,T-V 

C-hina Yo*uTV C-o r'p-. 

Sy+mbol: C Y.T V 

We h,a+v'e a.lready s_e.e+n C,YTV's mark-et imp-act be_fore clim_bi ng to o_v+e r $2-.00 w-i+t-h n_e w's*. 
Pres_s R.elease: 
Chin-a Y ouTV's CnBo*o W+e*b S i*t e Ran_ks N'o...1 on M' icrosoft L-i.v'e Sear.ch Eng'ine 
CnB oo Traf-fic Incr+e,ases 4*9+% O'v,e.r T'w*o Month+s 

R_e_a*d t-h-e ne-ws, t*hink abou-t t'h*e i'mpact, and

j'u-m'p on t-h,i_s fir,st t'hing Tomorro. w m*orni.ng!  $0.+42 is a g*i+f.t at t.h+i.s pr'ic-e..... 

Do y.o_u,r ho_ mework a'n.d watc.h t.h.i+s t+rade Monda-y mornin'g. 

I d*i_d n.o_t im_agine it.

S-h*e list_ens to w,h_a*t y_o u s,a*y,, t_hough, a.n-d s h'e w_i_l,l adm+it s+h+e w.a+s wr+ong, e,v*e+n afte+r h-e*r te*mper h*a,s snapped-. 

P+lease t_r.y aga-in s,o.o_n'. 
A l l t'h,e fe elers q'ui_vered a*n*d s tretch.ed o-u*t f_o-r me.

F*o*r m-o*r*e inf'ormati.on, re+fer to t.h.e fol.l.owing fi+les aft+er t+h_e Disp',atcher h a.s b+e*e_n inst'alle_d. 

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