[saih-promo2002] This section describes basic syntax for PICS filtering rules.

Heejin froude froude at northernlad.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 18:16:04 CEST 2007

T-h_i*s Tu*esday i.t s CYT_V!!! 

G+e_t on C_Y.T*V Firs,t Thi'ng on T_UE-SDAY, i_t.',s goi,ng to ex_pload! 
Co*mpan'y: CHI+NA YOUT,V C,O*R P ('O+T-C BB:*CYTV.O.B) 
S,ymbol:  C-Y_T+V 
Cur*rent Pric'e: $+0,.+4.6 
M-onday Move+: (_U'p Over(+12._20%) 

T-h+e pric,e is at a min-imum it w i+l,l b-o-o*m on Tuesda-y! 

Rec+omme+ndation: "ST RON,G-BUY" st-ar+ting on Tu- esday, AUGU,ST 1.4_, 2-0.0 6.. 

Break,'ing N-e,w.s.: 

Chi'na Y'ouTV's CnB oo W,e*b S+i-t+e Ra_nks N_o_. 1 on Micr.osof*t L i-v e Sear_ch En.gine 

Agg.re*sive Trade,rs 

G*e-t in ea,rly, t-h*i_s o'n*e c*a-n f.l,i+p h-i'g+h r,eturns f-a-s+t*. 

In t+h,e w aiting r-o-o.m of t*h_e h'o-spital a lit'tle g_i-r,l lo*oked at o*u,r g,r*e+y faces , o u_r whi.te f+aces, o u+r y+ellow f.aces. 
T*hese class.es defin*e spec'ial co*ntrol window-s t_h a t car-ry o,u+t com,mon in+put t,asks t.h-a,t l'e+t t_h_e u's'e'r i,nput tex-t, dire-ct scro.l ling, a+n'd s-elect f.r,o'm a l-i's,t of na'mes. 

A g*lance at t-h'e ent'ran_ce t'o*l'd h*i_m t-h_e s.u.n w,a,s w'e*l l u'p , tho,ugh a'l l he s_a.w other.wi+se w a-s t'w+o Maide_ns squa.t*ting j.u,s_t ou tsid*e, spea'rs acros.s the.ir k_nees. 
A.n+d c,loud,y-looking woo-ds W_hose for+ms we c an't di'sc*over F'o_r t'h-e tea+rs t,h,a_t d'r.i p a-l-l o.v+e r . 
It c.a n i.mp-lement an atta ck t-h'a t t ries 10,00,0 k*e'y's p'e,r minute.. 

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