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vilceanu Inzerillo vilceanuInzerillo at unitedit.com
Sat Aug 11 10:11:34 CEST 2007

H'u'g_e N.e,w+s To I,mpact C_Y'T-V 

Chi na Y'ouTV C+o.r+p,. 
Sym*bol: C'Y'T'V 

We h,a_v_e al'ready s-e.e'n CYTV*'s m+arket impa ct befo,re cl,i*mbing to o.v-e-r $2._00 w-i+t_h n*e-w-s_. 
Pr ess Rele.ase: 
C'hina YouTV.'s Cn*Boo W'e-b S_i_t+e Ran ks N*o+. 1 on M,icros'oft L*i,v'e S.earch E'ngine 

Cn_Boo Traf,fic Incr+ease*s 4_9,% O_v,e+r T.w'o Mont-hs 

R+e*a_d t.h_e news', thi_nk ab'out t_h.e impact', and

j,u*m_p on t*h,i's firs-t thi'ng Tomo _rrow m.ornin g!  $0.4_2 is a g+i.f.t at t+h_i.s p-r+ice..... 

Do y+o_u,r hom-e_work a-n,d wat'ch t_h+i-s t+rade M,onday mo_rning. 

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