[Uffau] For one neck along.

JERMAINE lteif lteif at torizenfoods.jp
Tue Aug 14 20:48:12 CEST 2007

T-h+i-s Tues_day i,t's CYTV!!.! 

G'e.t on C-Y_T-V F+irst Th,ing on TUESD+AY+, i_t*'+s goin-g to exploa_d! 
Co,mpa ny: CHI-NA YO_UTV C'O-R P (*O-T.C B-B:CYTV.O+B) 

Sym'bol:  C-Y-T V 

Cu*rrent Price+: $*0 . 4+6 
M.onday Move.: ('U p Over(12,*.20%) 

T*h+e pr*ice is at a minimu.m it w,i.l-l b+o_o.m on Tuesday'! 

Recommend'atio,n: "ST RONG-BU_Y" star_.ting on Tues*,day, A*UGUST 1.4 , 2'0_0,6.. 

B_reaki-ng N*e-w s-: 


C*hina YouTV_'s C-nBoo W-e'b S-i-t,e Rank's N_o .,1 on Micr-o*soft L'i*v*e Searc+h E+ngine 

Agg,res.ive Trader*s 

G*e't in ea_rly, t h.i.s o'n.e c-a-n f,l i_p h,i.g.h return*s f+a+s-t.. 

They'_ll t,a*k+e o_n_e l'o_o k at o u_r s,words a-n,d t+u_r,n us a+w,a.y+. 
E'a-c+h ch+apter c_orresp_onds to t_h-e c-ourse not'es f+o*r o_n'e d*ay's materi.*al. 

D+e r Kaffe.e i,s+t sch_on fertig*. 

I*t,' s feat,u.res a,r+e fears.'omely st*ern a n+d there' s b+lood on i't.s ha-nds a'n-d i*t_s br_ow, b-u't i,t+'+s brou*ght to m'a-n on h_i+s eart_h m+o.r+e t_h-a*n alar ms of w a*r-. 
Wo.odc+arver a'n d staf,f s.tood un'der t*h-e fores t cove_r j*u.s+t sho rt of t.h*e d*ropoff. 

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