[Uffau] Oh, it is cozy here. So you have not deceived))

dolse1 at conmark.no dolse1 at conmark.no
Mon Feb 17 14:33:28 CET 2014

Good morning!
I can only guess)) I'm shocked, intrigued, perplexed! 
who is she and how her letter come to my mail? Take it ease! Everything is 
simple. Someone has given me your address. I won.t tell you who. And if I share 
with you, I will do it a little bit later. It is very early to talk about it.
Have you focused that the colors of your life are not so bright as earlier? Do 
you think why it is so? 
It is possible that you are running around in circles every day and fed up with 
this routine. 
You have forgotten how to enjoy your life.
How to watch the sunset on the seashore. 
How to walk till the sunrise under the starry sky. 
How to study new things, to get acquainted with interesting, funny and 
open-minded people.
How to caress young, darling and so close soul. (?)  
In general my goal to make your life brighter, as because of all daily business 
you haveforgotten about yourself, your desires and you own inner "me".
If you are actually alone and you would like to go toward it, if in your life 
there is no muse, so answer me and our story will have a nice continuation. 

My email is sid.tatyana at rbcmail.ru


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