[Uffau] Glad to meet you

gba at et.ru gba at et.ru
Fri May 2 18:57:15 CEST 2014

My name's Emily and I want to find a pen-friend. A while ago The Olympic 
Games had finished in Sochi. It was  a bright event which was visited by 
more than 1 million people from different countries... and I visited it 
also But I have another reason to write you.
I met many men from different countries and now I know for sure that I 
would love to connect my life with a man from Europe.
I applied to the marriage agency and I hope that the letter will be 
received by the man I need I am 28 y.o. and I am a tall and nice brunnette 
with beautiful brown eyes and plesant smile.
I have got a rich inner world and kind and, mainly, free heart.:)
I  do want to meet clever, kind, charming man, who wants to create a 
family and children.
I will send my pics in next letter if you want. I hope to receive your pix 
and some words about you.
Write to my email address emilie.nailart at rambler.ru

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