[Loom-devel] [raph@acm.org: Re: Isometric tile engine, using the Canvas.]

Iain ih at csd.abdn.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 21:10:53 CET 2000

> I'm a little unclear on this. What is that, exactly, and what would we use it
> for?

Basically, it's a line drawn round the zigzaggy edge of the tiles, that
indicates that the item isn't to draw anything outside the line, so that
it won't draw anything over the item next to it. There are other ways of
doing it, but I think libart will do it for us, but I've never tried, and
I don't even know if it will.

hopefully it will, as I think it should simplfy things a lot ie, we can
just say "Draw this chunk of memory, with this clip path" instead of
having to work it out manually.

BTW, I think I've worked out how Gnumeric has lots of grids. I think it
only has the number that are required to fill the screen, and then they
are fixed in place. Note that the canvas doesn't change until you let go
of the scrollbar.


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