[PP-main] A W3C standard for syndication?

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Mon Mar 13 07:57:30 CET 2000

after a (very quick) look, i can safely say i did not understand one word
on that page 8^)

just kidding. it looks pretty cool (well it should be, it IS ice) and
obviously a lot of thought has gone into it. be interesting to find out
current applications (if any), and if they are going to try and have it
turned into a recommendation. as it stands, it is still a "note".
(not that it makes any difference to the functionality or anything -
if it does what this project needs, then who cares?)

looks like all the XML junkies on this list have got some bedtime
reading tonight (250k's worth).

anybody game to offer a layman's summary for the list?

- avi

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Nick Lothian wrote:

> I just came across this (dated 26 October 1998):
> http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-ice
> Information and Content Exchange Protocol
> Abstract
> "This document describes the Information and Content Exchange protocol for
> use by content syndicators and their subscribers. The ICE protocol defines
> the roles and responsibilities of syndicators and subscribers, defines the
> format and method of content exchange, and provides support for management
> and control of syndication relationships. We expect ICE to be useful in
> automating content exchange and reuse, both in traditional publishing
> contexts and in business-to-business relationships."
> A (very) quick read seemed to indicate that it is basically what we are
> trying to do.
> Comments?
> Nick

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