[Uffau] On appointment.

winsonb at snec.com.sg winsonb at snec.com.sg
Sat Sep 21 14:52:45 CEST 2013

Hi! How are you?
Has found your e-mail from dating a site. I hope to get acquainted with 
you, you agree? 
My name Lenoshka. I'm positive and genuine kind loyal person with 
enjoys the little things in life. Everybody who knows me tells me I 
have a heart of gold and its the truth. I love taking care of others 
and love to have fun. I am looking for men who would like to be my 
equal one, who is ready for a serious relationship. I see him as an 
true and trustworthy male. I am looking for a strong, supportive, and 
adventurous person; who enjoys time with good friends and likes to have 
fun whenever life allows it.I am assured that you will be that person! 
Write to me. I send the photography,  Is assured they to you will be 

There my mail: sweetelenal at yahoo.com

With love!

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